Please use this Senate Resolution Template to draft resolutions to the Senate. If you have a proposal that is too long or complicated to be stated verbally at a meeting, you should draft a resolution. If your proposal would create anything permanent, then it should be a written resolution so we can refer back to it.



23.06: A Resolution Establishing the GSO’s Recognition and Support of Syracuse University’s Graduate Student Employee Unionization Campaign

23.05: A Resolution to Amend the GSO Constitution (Establishing the Rules and Administration Special Committee)

23.03: A Resolution to Reclassify the Graduate Pandemic Committee as an Ad-Hoc Committee

23.02: A Resolution to Recognize Veterans Day

23.01: A Resolution to Update the GSO Diversity Committee Name and Charge



22.01 A Resolution to Create an Interim President Pro Tempore of the Senate

22.02 A Resolution to Amend the GSO Constitution (Creating Article III: The Staff)

22.03 A Resolution to Establish a GSO Climate Action Committee

22.04 A Resolution to Reclassify the GSO Student Life, Academic Resources and Affairs, and Families Standing Committees as Ad-Hoc Committees

22.05 A Resolution to Merge the GSO Outreach and Civic Engagement Committees

22.06 A Resolution to Rename the Travel Grant and Travel Grant Committee

22.07 A Resolution to Amend the GSO Constitution (Increasing the Number of At-Large Senators from Six to Ten)

22.09 A Resolution to Increase Accessibility at GSO Senate Meetings

Referred to Committee

Postponed Indefinitely



21.01 – A Resolution, in Collaboration with the Undergraduate Student Association, to Support the Creation of Student Trustee Positions on the Board of Trustees

21.02 – A Resolution in Support of Representation and Voting Rights for College of Law Graduate Students within the Board of Trustees

21.03 – A Resolution to Establish a Graduate Pandemic Committee

21.04 – A Resolution to Notify Graduate Students of Enrollment Status

21.05 – A Resolution to Allow Opt-Out of University Related Advertising

21.06 – A Resolution to Establish Procedure for Online Senate Meetings

21.07 – A Resolution Restructuring the Annual Budget for the 2020-2021 Academic Year



20.01 – A Resolution to Amend the Constitution of the Graduate Student Organization

20.02 – A Resolution to Amend the Constitution of the Graduate Student Organization

20.03 – A Resolution to Re-allocate OAD Funds to Special Programming

20.04 – A Resolution to Name the GSO Families Committee

20.05 – A Resolution to Allocate Rollover Funds

20.06 – A Resolution to Restore Access to Recreational Services for Dependents of Graduate Students

20.07 – A Resolution to Condemn the Recent Acts of Hate and Protect the First Amendment Rights of Protesters

20.08 – A Resolution to Move Funds to Special Programming

20.09 – A Resolution to Support and Protect Graduate Workers Joining the BIPOC and International Graduate Collective Labor Strike

20.10 – A Resolution Calling for the Formation of a University Senate ad-hoc 2/17 Committee

20.11 – A Resolution to Reschedule the Sesquicentennial Celebration GSO Featured Event

20.12 – A Resolution to Support Job Seeking Graduate Assistants Affected by Covid-19 Crisis



19.01 – A Resolution to Amend the Constitution of the Graduate Student Organization

19.02 – 150th Celebration GSO Featured Event

19.03 – GSO Rollover Allocation for 2018-2019

19.04 – Forming Separate External Advocacy and Student Government Liaison Committees

19.05 – Forming a Task Force on GSO History

19.06 – Inquiry Into a Living Wage

19.07 – Allocating Funds to the Child Care Committee

19.08 – Allocating Funds for DPS Street Signs and Safety Cards

19.09 – Regarding the GSO Policy Platform and Living Wages

19.10 – Creating the Policy Platform of the GSO

19.11 – Employment Issues Spring Survey

19.12 – 150th Celebration Featured Event 2

19.13 – Travel Grant Committee Fund

19.14 – A Resolution to Allocate Funding to the Child Care Committee

19.15 – A Resolution to Allocate Funding to the Turkish Student Association

19.16 – A Resolution Establishing the Annual Budget for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

19.17 – A Resolution to Amend the GSO Constitution



18.01 Senate Resolution – A Resolution to Sign a NAGPS Letter Supporting F-Type Visa Renewal in the USA

18.02 Senate Resolution – Amendments to the Fiscal Policy

18.03 Senate Resolution – A Resolution to Amend the GSO Constitution

18.05 Senate Resolution – A Resolution Allocating Funds from Rollover

18.06 Senate Resolution – Concerning the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

18.07 Senate Resolution – A Resolution Forming a TCJA Task Force

18.08 Senate Resolution –  A Resolution on Chairman Pete Sessions’ Letter to Congress

18.09 Senate Resolution – Resolution on Divestment from For-Profit Prisons

18.10 Senate Resolution – Open Dialogue on Unionization

18.11 Senate Resolution – Strengthening Communication between GSO and SA

18.12 Senate Resolution – Reallocating Special Programming Funds to the Travel Grant Program

18.13 Senate Resolution – In Support of the Graduate Student Association at SUNY-ESF

18.14 Senate Resolution – Transition to a Subsidized Student Health Plan

18.15 Senate Resolution – Reallocation of $2,000 to NAGPS Travel Grant

18.16 Senate Resolution – Reallocation of $100 to Child Care Task Force

18.17 Senate Resolution – Reallocation of $2,000 to Travel Grant


18.04 Senate Resolution – A Resolution to Amend the Name of the Inn Complete



17.01 Senate Resolution – Lowering the Maximum Cap for GSO Travel Grant Awards

17.02 Senate Resolution – Constituting the NAGPS Committee

17.03 Senate Resolution – Amending the GSO Constitution

17.04 Senate Resolution – Diverting GSO Funds to Special Programming

17.05 Senate Resolution – Calling for the Declaration of Syracuse University as a Sanctuary Campus

17.06 Senate Resolution – Increasing the Graduate Student Activity Fee

17.07 Senate Resolution – Supporting Off-Campus Security Camera Installation

17.08 Senate Resolution – Calling for Improvement of Graduate Career Services

17.10 Senate Resolution – 2017-18 Annual Budget


17.09 Senate Resolution – Reinstating Empire Park Passes



16.01 Senate Resolution – Success of Airport Shuttle Program and Recommendations on Future Operations

16.02 Senate Resolution – GSO Funding of Slutzker Center for International Students

16.03 Senate Resolution – Altering the Budget Procedures for Recognized Graduate Student Organizations

16.04 Senate Resolution – A Resolution to Amend the Travel Grant Policy

16.05 Senate Resolution – A Resolution to Require a Student Referendum on Student-Employee Health Insurance

16.06 Senate Resolution – 2016-2017 Annual Budget



15.01 Senate Resolution – Response to the Closure of the Advocacy Center

15.02 Senate Resolution – Committee Restructuring

15.03 Senate Resolution – Alter Usage Restrictions on Endowed Funds

15.04 Senate Resolution – Survey Incentive Expense

15.05 Senate Resolution – NAGPS National Conference Delegation Instructions

15.06 Senate Resolution – Syracuse University Computing and Electronic Policy’s Definition of Harassment

15.08 Senate Resolution – Supporting the Hiring of an ADA Coordinator

15.09 Senate Resolution – Supporting Expanded Mental Health Services

15.10 was withdrawn before consideration.

15.11 Senate Resolution – Proposing Continued Increases in Assistantship Pay

15.12 Senate Resolution – Definition and Proposal of a Plan for an Ombuds Office

15.13 Senate Resolution – Calling for an Investigation of Administrative Actions Towards THE General Body

15.14 Senate Resolution – Placing Senator Information on the Website

15.16 Senate Resolution – Fossil Fuel Divestment

15.17 Senate Resolution – Finalizing Former Research Grant Payments

15.18 Senate Resolution – Exploring Unionization

15.19 Senate Resolution – Healthcare Insurance Committee

15.20 Senate Resolution – 2015-2016 Annual Budget


15.15 Senate Resolution – Altering Student Organization Budget Procedures

Passed, Vetoed by Executive Board, Replaced by 15.12 and 15.13

15.07 Senate Resolution – University Actions Relating to Student Protestors



14.01 Senate Resolution – Amended – A Constitutional Amendment to Alter Senate Representation

14.02 Senate Resolution – Finance Committee Recommendation on Budget Cuts

14.03 Senate Resolution – Uniform Not on Time Fees

14.04 Senate Resolution – Constitutional Amendment to Add Inactive Senator Status

14.05 Senate Resolution – Fee Increase Mandate to Finance Committee

14.06 Senate Resolution – Grant Program Review

14.07 Senate Resolution – Weekend Bus Service

14.08 Senate Resolution – Grant Program Policy Approval

14.09 Senate Resolution – Fiscal Policy Approval

14.10 Senate Resolution – Charge to Executive Board to Examine the Committee Structure

14.11 Senate Resolution – Defining Senator Representation

14.12 Senate Resolution – 2014-2015 Annual Budget



Unlisted resolutions did not pass in the 2012-2013 session.

13.01 – Repeal of Bookkeeper

13.02 – Increase Comptroller and IVP Pay

Law School Parking Letter

13.04 – Extend Outdoor Education Discount Rates to Graduate Students

13.05 – Funding New Stretching Space in Archbold

13.06 – Subsidizing Tennity Learn To Skate Program

13.07 – Research Travel Grant

13.08 – Funding NAGPS Officer Travel

13.09 – Becoming a NAGPS Legacy Member

13.10 – A Constitutional Amendment Adding and Altering Secretary Positions

13.11 – A Constitutional Amendment to Alter Officer Term Limits

13.12 – A Constitutional Amendment to Alter SBA Representation

GSO Budget 2013-2014

13.14 – Opposing Zoning Ordinance in Common Council