GSO Grant Reimbursement Procedure

Please read the following instructions before navigating to the reimbursement section below to ensure you submit your form correctly.

The GSO disburses Travel Grants as reimbursements for expenses already incurred. In addition, these awards are treated as taxable income by the IRS. For US citizens and resident aliens, it is your responsibility to report this income on your annual tax returns. For nonresident aliens, the University may withhold part of the award as taxes, in accordance with all applicable tax law. For this reason, we must collect SSN information on our forms. All information is kept strictly confidentially, and protected under all applicable regulations. Nothing on this page should be construed as financial or tax advice.

Non-Payroll Direct Deposit to Receive Payment

Students MUST set up direct deposit of reimbursements via Myslice to receive payment. We no longer issue checks as a means of reimbursement.

Instructions for setting this up are found here.

GSO Travel Grant Reimbursement Form

Feel free to submit all receipts and forms electronically in one email to

To receive your payment, please fill out and email (or print) the GSO Grant Payment Form (click on the title above). Please read the instructions on the form carefully as failure to submit some items will result in a processing delay and thus the possibility of missing the deadline for securing a reimbursement.

Please note: Any expense that is 6 months old by the time it reaches the university for processing will not be reimbursed. This is a solid rule and no exceptions can be made. For this reason, we encourage you to submit within 30 days of receiving your award notification, or 30 days of your last date of travel (or the expense date if no travel is involved), whichever is later.

Please keep in mind that it takes time to review the forms before sending them for processing, so the sooner you apply for a travel grant and submit the reimbursement form, the better.

Send all of the items outlined to the GSO comptroller email or by coming in to our office in Lyman Hall 303 or placing it in our mailbox in Lyman 304.

Please email the GSO comptroller with any deadline concerns.

If you are not on campus, mail the packet to:

GSO Travel Grants
304 Lyman Hall
Syracuse NY 13244-1270

This form can only be used when the awardee is the one to be paid. If this is not the case, please send an email to the Travel Grant Committee, and we will provide further instructions.