Special Committees

Rules and Administration Committee

The Rules and Administration Committee oversees the procedural and administrative operations of the GSO. This committee makes a continuing study of the GSO’s organization and operations and periodically recommends improvements on the same when necessary. As such, it develops and implements a strategic plan for the functional and technical infrastructure of the GSO. This committee acts as the institutional memory of all legislation and procedural documents passed or approved by the GSO Senate, identifying legislative proceedings or actions and bringing them to the attention of the GSO Senate when deemed necessary by the committee’s members. This committee receives all proposed constitutional amendments, policy changes, or changes to GSO organizational and operational structure, making recommendations on the disposition of each in accordance with University Policy, the GSO Constitution, the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, and GSO Policy and legislation. This committee may and may be called upon to submit official opinion(s) to the GSO Senate regarding all proposed constitutional amendments, policy changes, or changes to the GSO’s organizational and operational structure. This committee is chaired by the Vice President of Internal Affairs and is staffed by the Parliamentarian and President Pro Tempore of the Senate. The President acts as an ex officio member in their capacity as chief executive overseer of the GSO. The committee may invite other members of the GSO Senate to its meetings at its discretion.