Campus Catering Food Order

Before filling out this form, please read the instructions found on the Expense Pre-Approval page found here. Your order will not be accepted without an accompanying expense pre-approval form.

To access the campus catering order form, please click here.
To access the latest catering menu, please click here.

Note: you can also place orders for pick up from the Kimmel Dining Hall through the GSO. (This means you will not have the food delivered by catering, but will pick it up yourself from Kimmel).

This option exists as the catering menu may not include some options you would like, especially for smaller events.

If you wish to do use this option, the process is different from ordering campus catering. Please review these steps:

  1. View the Kimmel pick-up menu here (this is a self-catering order form, but DO NOT submit this form. The GSO will place the order on your behalf after you follow the next few steps).
  2. Select what you would like, and then fill out an expense pre-approval with the order as text in the event description box.
  3. Once you submit the form, the financial secretary will review your request, submit this order on your behalf and inform you of the confirmation.

Contact the comptroller or financial secretary if you have any questions or concerns.