Campus Catering Food Order

Before filling out this form, please read the instructions found on the Expense Pre-Approval page found here. Your order will not be accepted without an accompanying expense pre-approval form.

To access the campus catering order form, please click here.
To access the latest catering menu (to-go menu), please click here.

Kimmel Food Court is open 7:30am-11pm for any GSO food ordering. We also have meals passes or coupons we can request from catering for prizes or giveaways that can be socially distant options. If you have any creative suggestions for events or catering, let us know.

To request the Kimmel menu options for an event, please contact the catering office at 315.443.3605.

Catering will look different during the pandemic, and only to-go options are currently present. However, the situation is constantly evolving so we encourage you to please contact the comptroller or financial secretary if you have any questions or concerns for your specific event.