Campus Catering Food Order

Before placing an order, please fill out an expense pre-approval form. Your order will not be placed until an expense pre-approval form is approved.

  1. Browse the campus catering menu and pick out the items you would like to purchase. (Note: Please place the order at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure Campus Catering is able to make the order in a timely manner).

    To access the latest catering menu (to-go menu), please click here.

  2. When you’re ready to place a catering order, please email the GSO financial secretary ( with the following information (Note: they will place the order to campus catering and notify you within 1-3 days):
    • How many guests will be present
    • Your order from the campus catering menu (with quantities), along with requests for utensils, plates, napkins, etc. 
    • Location for order delivery or pick-up (Including the exact room number, if applicable)
    • Date/Time of event (and preferred time of delivery, if different)

Note: Your group may also request meal vouchers in place of a catering request. If you are interested, please let the comptroller know via email ( at least 1 week in advance with the number of meal vouchers you’d like to purchase, the amount allotted for students to spend per voucher, and the date range for availability.

To request the Kimmel menu options for an event, please contact the catering office at 315.443.3605.

We encourage you to please contact the comptroller or financial secretary if you have any questions or concerns regarding your event.