Current Budget

GSO 2020-2021 Budget

The GSO Budget is funded heavily through the student fee paid by each graduate student at the start of each semester. Each SU graduate student pays $50 per semester, and each ESF graduate student pays $30 per year to the GSO. This year’s budget is $452,890.96, representing student fee and rollover account spending. This money was allocated by the GSO Senate in its annual budget meeting, conducted on April 29, 2020. For full details, see the official 2020 – 2021 budget resolution.

Broadly, the total budget is broken down as follows:

Student Organizations and Special Programming: $77,297.53

This includes funds allocated to Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) during the annual budgeting process and the Special Programming pool. The Special Programming pool is used to award student organizations money on an event by event basis throughout the year. Special programming can also be used to fund other programs within the GSO, such as Travel Grant.

For a complete breakdown of student organization funding, please see the bottom of this page, or the budget resolution.

Service Providers: $165,647.87

Service providers are university-related entities that we partner with by paying a senate-approved dollar amount at the start of every fiscal year for services/amenities we benefit from exclusively as graduate students on this campus. Please visit our Resources page to learn more about services available to you as graduate students at Syracuse University.

For details on which service providers we have funded for this year, see our budget resolution.

Administrative and Office Expenses: $29,000.00

This includes office supplies, payment to the graduate school for administrative support, committee meeting expenses , NAGPS funding and similar spending.

Executive Compensation and Benefits: $57,790.56

Salary and benefits for Executive Board Officers.

Travel Grant Program: $60,000

The Travel Grant Program supports graduate students traveling to conferences and similar events. Please refer to the Travel Grant section of our website for more information on the application & timeline.

GSO Programming: $63,056.00

This funds for large scale GSO-sponsored programming like the Fall 2019 picnic, and other various events like wine and beer tastings at the Inn Complete, and other GSO-run events for graduate students.

A portion of these funds will go towards holding a sesquicentennial celebration that had been postponed from the Spring 2020 semester, an event which aimed to celebrate 150 years of Syracuse University! Please email us if you would like to know more about this event and the current progress of planning. Tentative date is now set for sometime late in the Spring of 2021.

Recognized Graduate Student Organization (RSO) Annual Budgets: $68,800.00

These organizations successfully completed the re-registration process by the given deadline and hence were allocated an annual budget. Organization registrations and re-registrations are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, but organizations that fail to re-register are not allocated an annual budget and their Special Programming applications can have restrictions based on the recommendation by the Finance Committee and decision of the GSO Senate.

Academic RSOs – calculated per average number of graduate students in the department for that academic year.

Anthropology Graduate Student Organization$1,275
Biology Graduate Student Organization$1,150
Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Graduate Circle$725
Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Student Organization$5,000
English Graduate Organization$1,525
Forensic Science Students Association at Syracuse University$1,875
Geography Graduate Student Organization$825
Geology Graduate Student Organization$1,000
George Fisk Comfort Society of Art History$375
Graduate Students of Architecture$2,125
History Graduate Student Organization$750
Information School Graduate Organization$5,000
Mathematics Graduate Organization$1,350
Newhouse Master's Association$5,000
Philosophy Graduate Student Organization$900
Physics Graduate Organization$2,075
Political Science Graduate Student Association$1,800
Psychology Action Committee$1,525
Public Administration International Relations Association$5,000
Religion Graduate Organization$675
School of Education Graduate Student Council$5,000
Sociology Graduate Student Association$1,100
Sport Venue & Event Management Club$325
Student Academy of Audiology$900
Student Arts, Advocacy, and Special Programming$5,000
Social Workers United$3,725
Whitman Graduate Student Organization$5,000

Non-Academic RSOs – flat $300 for the academic year. Additional funds can be requested through special programming applications.

African Graduate Students Network$300
Argentine Tango Club$300
Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars$300
Association for Women in Mathematics$300
Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee$300
Black Graduate Student Association$300
Central Asian and Caucasus Student Union$300
Chi Sigma Iota Sigma Upsilon Chapter$300
Committee for Diversity and Inclusion by Psychology Doctoral Students at Syracuse University$300
Conflict Management Center$300
Counselors for Social Justice$300
Delta Delta Epsilon Forensic Science Honor Society - Alpha Zeta Chapter$300
Emerging Student Affairs Professionals and Scholars$300
Graduate Science Policy Group$300
Iranian Student Association$300
Master Toast$300
Nanhi Kali Syracuse Chapter$300
National Security Student Association$300
Open Doors for LGBTQ+ Graduate Students$300
Salt Hill Journal$300
Saudi Students Organization at Syracuse University$300
Society for Biomaterials at Syracuse University$300
Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth$300
Turkish Student Association$300
Whitman Women in Business$300
Worldwide Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship Club$300