Standing Committees

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Climate Change Action

The Climate Action Committee will act as an intermediary between administration, students, and faculty in the implementation of Syracuse University’s Climate Action Plan. The committee will network and collaborate with other relevant student groups at Syracuse University and other university and local community institutions to promote further educational opportunities and resources for students who want to be empowered to live waste free and/or to contribute to climate policy advocacy opportunities. The committee will take initiative to stay up to date on climate policies and research to promote and advocate for amendments to the Syracuse University’s Climate Action Plan when necessary.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

The DEIA Committee studies and suggests solutions to problems affecting Syracuse
University graduate students regarding internal diversity. This includes problems of race,
ethnicity, gender identity, assigned sex, sexual orientation, national origin, cultural identity, religion, class, disability, and age. The committee also encourages and implements educational efforts involving internal diversity for all members of campus to improve the graduate student experience. This committee will make periodic reports to the Senate on these topics, and coordinate with GSO University Senators serving on University Senate committees related to diversity.

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The Finance Committee advises the Senate and Executive Board on financial matters.  This committee receives all Special Programming requests and constructs the Annual Budget, making recommendations on the disposition of both in accordance with the Fiscal Policy.  This committee is chaired by the Comptroller, and will work with the Comptroller in making periodic reports to the Senate of the state of the GSO’s finances.  This committee makes periodic recommendations to the Senate of updates to the Fiscal Policy.

Graduate Employment Issues

The Graduate Employment Issues Committee is responsible for addressing issues related to graduate student employment such as stipends, benefits, workload, work type, and the work relationship between graduate students and their departments. The committee advises the GSO on employment issues and works to improve the working landscape of SU for graduate students through the study of employment issues and advocacy.  This committee will make periodic reports to the Senate on these topics, especially making recommendations on action to be taken by the Senate and Executive Board to improve graduate student academic life at the university.  This committee will coordinate with any GSO University Senators serving on University Senate committees related to graduate employment.

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Outreach and Civic Engagement

The GSO Outreach and Civic Engagement Committee is chaired by the External Vice President and a Vice Chair. The committee is charged with retaining participating members, attracting new graduate students to the GSO, and working to increase graduate student awareness of the GSO as a representative body, and will coordinate with the Internal Vice President for the purpose of increasing student representation within the GSO Senate. Furthermore, the committee is charged with increasing civic and community engagement at local, state, and national levels and developing the GSO’s connections to the people of Syracuse as well as to the national body of graduate students. Toward this end, the committee will plan and host collaborative events on Syracuse University’s campus and develop advocacy proposals for the GSO Senate on issues that fall under the GSO Policy Platform and/or the advocacy platform of the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS). The committee will assist the External Vice President in planning and running events and other activities in fulfillment of the above ends.

Professional, Academic, and Creative Work (PAC) Grant (Formerly Travel Grant)

The GSO Professional, Academic, and Creative Work (PAC) Grant Committee manages the GSO Professional, Academic, and Creative Work (PAC) (formerly Travel) Grant Program. The committee is chaired by the GSO Recording Secretary, who may select a vice-chair. The committee aims to increase the diversity of applicants, as well as to ensure that the application, application process, review process, and award notification process is equitable for all graduate students. The committee reviews applications, determines awards, and conducts annual reviews of the program for possible improvements in accordance to the Grant Program Policy as approved by the Senate. This committee makes periodic reports to the Senate of its decisions and recommendations of updates to the Grant Program Policy. Furthermore, the committee is charged with developing a list of resources and additional (non-GSO) sources of funding at the University, College/School, Regional, National, International Levels to support equity in access to conference engagement amongst graduate students.