Payment To An SU Entity

This is the same reimbursement form used to reimburse an SU graduate student. The only difference is that you will fill out the “recipient information” section with the SU entity’s information. See below for more information.

Before filling out this form you should have already completed an Expense Pre-Approval Form and have been approved to host the event and make the expenses. If you haven’t, speak to the GSO Comptroller immediately.

Click here for the form.

Reimbursement Procedure

Submit all receipts and forms electronically in one email to

  1. Fill out the Request for Payment form above. Save an updated copy on your desktop, and print it off if you plan to drop it off in-person(The form will ask you for a chart-string number if you are reimbursing a department, for example. Please ask your department for this).
  2. Departmental receipts are handed to us in the form of a general ledger (GL). Ask the department for a copy of this when collecting receipts.
  3. Submit the form and receipts to the GSO Comptroller email, or submit it to the GSO office (Lyman 122) during our office hours. You can also drop it off in our mailbox also located in Lyman 122.

We will contact you if we have any questions. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the GSO Comptroller.