The Senate is the highest decision-making body in the GSO. Comprised of representatives from academic programs across campus, it meets approximately monthly to debate and vote on many matters of importance, including calls for action to the university’s administration, funding for student organizations, and more.

The Executive Board functions as the officers of the GSO and operate it on a day-to-day basis. They are responsible for carrying out the Senate’s resolutions, informing the Senate of important matters from elsewhere on campus, and acting as representatives of the graduate student body as a whole.

University Senators and Senators-At-Large are elected by the Senate, and they represent all graduate at SU in whole. University Senators serve in both the University Senate and the GSO Senate.

Academic Program Senators (APS) are elected or designated by their fellow graduate students in the same program of study. We encourage graduate students in all programs to elect/select or designate a representative to serve in the GSO Senate as their voice. If your department is not listed below, we encourage you to speak to your colleagues in your program to elect your Academic Program Senator. Please contact our Internal Vice President to designate an APS for your program.

Note: As per the GSO Constitution, all senators must attend the regular meetings of the Senate. Missing two consecutive meetings will result in removal from the Senate list. All senators, except University Senators, must serve on a GSO committee. Please consult with the IVP to indicate your top committee choices:

Senate Members of 2019-2020

Senate Members of 2020-2021

Senate Members of 2021-2022

Senate Members of 2022-2023

Senate Members of 2023-2024