Expense Pre-Approval


1. Please click here to access the pre-approval form.

2. Instructions are on the form, please read carefully before filling in.

3. AFTER filling out the pre-approval form, fill out any additional forms for services you are requesting through the GSO (campus catering, Inn Complete). These forms can be found under the Financial Forms tab above.

We, at the GSO, utilize Orange Tracker for all forms and applications. You will be notified through Orange Tracker on the approval/disapproval of your event. To ensure your event planning runs smoothly, submit all forms required of you 2 weeks prior to your event.

The email address you provide on the forms will be the one that receives orange tracker notifications. Make sure you regularly log onto Orange Tracker: ot.syr.edu to check the status of your forms.

Contact our comptroller with any questions or concerns.