Senator Resources

On this page you can find resources helpful to current or future GSO Senators (APS, At-Large, or University Senators).

GSO Senator Handbook

The GSO Senator Handbook was created for Senators of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). This handbook outlines the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of Senators within the organization. It includes information on the GSO’s structure, rules of order for meetings, voting procedures, and guidelines for effective communication and decision-making among Senators. The handbook serves as a valuable resource to help Senators navigate their duties and contribute to the functioning of the GSO effectively.

Robert’s Rules Cheat Sheet

This is a brief review of some key tips and tricks for following Robert’s Rules. Robert’s Rules of Order is the system of parliamentary procedure that we follow during all official GSO Senate meetings.

Resolution Template

If you are hoping to bring a proposal to the Senate floor, or you would like to add a topic to the agenda for a specific meeting but aren’t sure how, a great place to start is to get your thoughts on paper by drafting a resolution. See the link above for a template that guides you through what a typical resolution might look like.

If you would like to see examples of past resolutions, visit this page.

You are also encouraged to reach out to the Internal Vice President ( if you want help drafting a resolution.