Research Grant

The Research Grant has shut down

The GSO’s Research Grant program has ended after running for 15 months as a pilot program. The GSO Senate, composed of student senators from graduate programs across campus, agreed with a recommendation from its Finance Committee and decided to end funding for the program at its annual budget meeting on April 23, 2014. The full budget for the 2014-2015 academic year can be found on our 2014-15 budget page. All awards previously made will continue to be honored as per the regulations and restrictions in place when they were issued.

Please contact the GSO at for more information.

Guidelines for Research Grant Reimbursement

  1. The student who received the reward is the only individual who can be paid out from that award.  The GSO can only reimburse for actual expenses incurred by that student.
    1. The student’s department, college, or school may also be reimbursed for expenses incurred by that student.
  2. To receive reimbursement, the student must submit the following:
    1. Original, itemized receipts or bills
    2. A GSO Request for Payment form
  3. All receipts that are not themselves 8×11 in size must be taped to an 8×11 sheet of paper. Only original receipts will be accepted for reimbursement.
  4. All reimbursement paperwork should be submitted to the GSO Comptroller.
  5. Reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of the expense date, or last day of travel if travel is involved. Please email the Financial Secretary if you cannot meet this deadline.

If a department, college, or school made payments on the student’s behalf, the same procedure should be followed, but specifying payment to the relevant university unit instead of the student.