2014-2015 Budget

2014-2015 Budget

The GSO Budget is funded through student fees paid by graduate students each semester. Each SU graduate student pays $40 per semester, and each ESF graduate student pays $30 per year to the GSO. This year’s budget is $411,477.63, including $16,500 of spending from the GSO childcare endowment interest account. This represents $394,977.63 of student fee and rollover account spending, against $384,570.00 in anticipated income. This money is allocated by the GSO Senate in its annual budget meeting, conducted April 23, 2014. For full details, see the official budget resolution. Broadly, the budget breaks down as follows: budget-14-15

Student Organization, Attendance Allocation, and Special Programming: $100,108.04

This includes funds applied for by recognized organizations during the annual budgeting process, projected attendance allocations given for Senator attendance at GSO meetings, and the special programming pool. The attendance incentive grants the academic plan the Senator represents $1 per student in the plan, per meeting attended by the Senator. The special programming pool is used to award student organizations money on an event by event basis throughout the year. For a complete breakdown of student organization spending, please see the bottom of this page, or the budget resolution linked above.

Service Providers: $144,461.39

Service Providers break down as follows:


Administrative and Office Expenses: $23,205

This includes office supplies, payment to graduate school for space and ITS support, meeting expenses (food), and similar spending.

Executive Compensation and Benefits: $47,803.20

Salary and benefits for Executive Board Officers.

Travel Grant Program: $35,000

The Travel Grant Program supports graduate students traveling to conferences and similar events. Please refer to the Travel Grant section of our website for more information.

GSO Programming: $60,900

Funds for large scale GSO sponsored programming like the opening and closing picnics, various events like wine and beer tastings at the Inn Complete, and similar GSO run events, as well as the Empire Park Passports and golf passes. Full breakdown:

programming-14-15See the 2013-2014 budget here.

Student Organizations

(AGSO) Anthropology Graduate Student Organization$3,132.00
(APDS) Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars$2,150.00
(BCCC) Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee$1,396.00
(BGSO) Biology Graduate Student Organization$2,475.00
(CCRC) Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Graduate Circle$1,480.00
(CMC) Conflict Management Center$2,460.00
(COMPAS) Coalition of Multicultural Public Admin Students$1,200.00
(CSI) Chi Sigma Iota$2,360.00
(EGO) English Graduate Organization$2,530.00
(HGSO) History Graduate Student Organization$700.00
(MGO) Mathematics Graduate Organization$2,560.00
(MWC) Maxwell Women's Caucus$1,800.00
Nanhi Kali$1,600.00
Net Impact$1,790.00
Open Doors$1,258.00
(PAC) Psychology Action Committee$1,200.00
(PAIRA) Public Admin and International Relations Association$8,791.00
(PGSO) Physics Graduate Student Organization$450.00
(RGO) Religion Graduate Organization$3,205.00
(RSA) Rhetorical Society of America Chapter at SU$1,105.00
(SAA) Student Academy of Audiology SU Chapter$500.00
(SGSA) Sociology Graduate Student Assemblage$2,684.00
SPIC MAKAY$2,600.00
(SSCFR) Syracuse Student Council on Family Relations$625.22
(STEP) Students for TomorrowÂ’s Environmental Policy$800.00
(SUGGS) Society of Undergrad and Graduate Geology Students$3,341.40
(SUPRA) Syracuse University Program for Refugee Assistance$2,650.00
(TSA) Turkish Student Association$770.42
(WGSO) Whitman Graduate Student Organization$1,410.00
(WIT) Women In Technology$1,050.00
Department Allocations$15,000.00
Special Programming/Start Up Funds$25,035.00
Updated: May 2015