Climate Action Committee

The Climate Action Committee will act as an intermediary between administration, students, and faculty in the implementation of Syracuse University’s Climate Action Plan. The committee will network and collaborate with other relevant student groups at Syracuse University and other university and local community institutions to promote further educational opportunities and resources for students who want to be empowered to live waste free and/or to contribute to climate policy advocacy opportunities. The committee will take initiative to stay up to date on climate policies and research to promote and advocate for amendments to the Syracuse University’s Climate Action Plan when necessary.

Committee Member List

NameProgramSpecific Interests
Scrivner (Co-Chair)
Social Science PhDMaking a Transparency policy on campus regarding sustainability policies and information, networking with other similar minded student groups and regional organizations
Pratik Parihar (Co-Chair)Environmental Eng and CASSEIncreasing the importance of sustainability  different majors at SU, Launching programs which encourage (promote and fund) sustainability and climate risk assessments, sustainable finance
Amanda SurmanCollege Science TeachingUndergraduate/non-major involvement in climate action initiatives. Data collection and modeling of climate action initiatives projected outcomes
Dominic WilkinsGeography and the EnvironmentAssessing status of CAP implementation; pushing past carbon neutrality toward decarbonization; broad communication and movement building
Lauren McNamaraPublic AdministrationGetting involved with student groups to educate and encourage students to learn about different opportunities/initiatives for climate action on campus. Additionally, ensuring that Syracuse University enacts a clear and comprehensive plan to establish a long-term commitment to sustainability.
Adarsh RaghuramGeography and the EnvironmentIndividual-level climate action, sustainability, data collection and analysis
Peter BrennanClimate dynamics/modelling/geochemistryData analysis, climate education (outreach off-campus)
Aditya ShahMS Information ManagementData gathering, analysis, creating visualizations and statistics.
Sarah NaharReligion & Environmental StudiesIntegration of these themes into the classroom (this year it’s happening through the Tully professorship), promoting the Environmental Storytelling Series (a collaboration between SU and ESF) and holding SU accountable to its climate action plan
Gargi DeMS Civil EngineeringImplementing sustainable construction practices in campus construction work, reducing single use plastic all over campus, getting more students involved in these initiatives and encouraging use of alternative solutions to existing traditional non-environmental friendly ones.
Nicholas PelletierMS Applied Data ScienceSports, data analysis, working out, domestic and foreign and fiscal policies, reading
Hayley BowenMFA Creative Writing, PoetryOn-campus involvement/development of sustainability practices
Rachel Ameen
Aaron J. OtisMS Env. Studies/MPA Env. PolicyMulti-value system environmental policy integration. Narrative and storytelling in public support, env. philosophy/ethics. Public understanding of economic/ecological paradigms.
Gabriel UyMBA/EMPASustainability; engaging with SMEs and US Government Officials on best practices SU can implement