Application components

1. Applicant information

  • Names, emails, roles (e.g., RSO membership, President, Secretary, general member) of individuals submitting the application.
    • This section should list all individuals devoted to planning the event, not just the individual sending the email.

2. Celebration Proposal (750 word max)

  • Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of feasibility, incorporation of the event’s purposes, and uniqueness.

3. Qualifications (300 word max)

  • This section should include relevant background, experience, skills, and motivation of applicants that demonstrates your organization can plan and run a successful event.

4. Preliminary budget

  • Full itemized estimation of expenses. Applicants are encouraged to map expenses as close to the $15,000 as possible. If your anticipated expenses go above $15,000, you can apply for special programming specifically for this event. Report all anticipated expenses.
    • Sections (required):
      • Food
      • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
      • Total cost
    • Sections (optional):
      • Activities (e.g., networking, dancing, games)
      • Speaker(s)
      • Giveaways (i.e., door prizes)
      • Supplies
      • Decorations
      • Other

How to apply

Complete provided application documentation and send email with application materials attached to: