Racial Injustice: GSO Statement & Resources

Please see our official statement at the end of this post in PDF format. Resources and their links are listed below:

Get involved.

Attend a demonstration in your community if you are physically and mentally able. At these actions, keep yourself and others safe. Wear a mask and keep a minimum of six feet from other protesters. Additionally, get involved on campus!

#NotAgainSU is a Black, student-led movement protesting racial injustice on Syracuse’s campus. They work to promote community education on institutional and systemic racism, hold SU administration accountable for addressing and denouncing bias on campus, and promote transparency between SU administration and students, faculty, and staff.


  • You can donate to Black Lives Matter here:


  • Learn more about Black Lives Matter as an organization here:


  • You can find a national list of bail funds here:


… and here: https://bailfunds.github.io/

  • You can donate to the Black Visions Collective here: 


Sign petitions. 


Below is a link from academic folks dedicating their time to putting together a list of texts on race, identity, oppression, and prejudice: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rQL4qPadVsrwtzvMk5EsUrvMyJE-ZWUvar5MjLnIcL4/edit?usp=sharing

Take care of yourself.

Are you a teaching assistant or instructor of record and struggling to figure out how to talk to your students about race and oppression? Check out these resources below:

  • The Score. An Urban Music Education Podcast: