Payment for Outside Vendors


The forms on this page are to be used if your organization needs to pay an outside (non-SU) vendor in connection with an activity or event being funded in whole or in part by the GSO. You should have already completed an Expense Pre-Approval Form; if you haven’t, speak to the GSO Comptroller immediately.


You can submit all receipts and forms electronically in one email to

Before proceeding, talk to the GSO Comptroller directly to ensure the GSO can pay for the services or items you are buying! The GSO must follow University financial regulations and policies which often restrict what can and cannot be paid for directly. You must get express clearance from the GSO before getting a direct payment through this page!

  1. Obtain an invoice from the vendor. If the vendor cannot provide an invoice, discuss your options with the GSO Comptroller before proceeding.
  2. Have the vendor complete this W-9 form.
    • It is possible the University already has a relationship with this vendor; if that is the case, this procedure may differ and this form is not needed. Ensure you reach out to the comptroller and they will advise you.
  3. Fill out and submit the Request for Payment form here.
  4. Email the forms to the GSO Comptroller. Or, if you are handling it in-person, take all forms, put them in one envelope, and submit it to the GSO. The GSO mailbox is in 122 Lyman Hall, or you can drop it off at the office in 122 Lyman Hall.

Note: the GSO cannot pay upfront for an expense or invoice. We may pay an invoice if it is dated prior to your event date, but we generally cannot pay a vendor for services not yet provided.

If you have any questions contact the GSO Comptroller.